Conference Presentations

Joan is an experienced workshop presenter at professional conferences around the country. She combines her travels around the world with over three decades of experience as a classroom history teacher and social studies coordinator to bring relevant topics and practical teaching strategies to her audiences. For a sampling of her conference topics for the past ten years, see the list below. Click here for her presenations at teacher training conferences.

November 2012

“Re-enact Past Elections Using Digital Archives from Print to Telecasts.”  National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference , Seattle.

December 2011

“North African Crossroads: Ancient Rome, Muslim Empires, and Modern Revolution” with Libby Lupfer. National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference,Washington, D.C.

August 2011

Panelist for the National Museum of American History’s on-line Webcast, “September 11: Teaching Contemporary History” at the Smithsonian Institution, DC.

November  2010

“The Medieval Suqs of Baghdad and Their Influence on Renaissance Art” with Karima Alavi.

Three Extraordinary Thematic Units - and How To Build Your Own” with NCSS President Syd Golston and Linda Clark, both at National Council for the Social Studies, Denver.

November 2009

“Advocating for Abolition: Staging a Mock Abolitionist Society Convention” with Andy Robinson. National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference, Atlanta.

February 2009
“Reenacting Past Elections Using Primary Sources.” The 49th Annual Greater Metropolitan New York Social Studies Conference.

November, 2008
“The Legacy of Confucianism in the 20th and 21st Centuries” with Kevin Lawrence of China Institute and Karri Ankrom.  National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Annual Conference Annual Conference, Houston.

“Third World Literature for World History Classes” with Syd Golston and Donna Schell.  NCSS Annual Conference, Houston.

November 2007
“Student-Created Scrapbooks of the Civil War and Reconstruction Eras” with Christina Pelekanos and Jared Williams. NCSS Annual Conference, San Diego.

“Bridging to Literature: 12 Short Stories for American History Classes” with Syd Golston and Donna Schell.  NCSS Annual Conference, San Diego.

July & November  2007
“Teaching about Muslim Cities: Classroom Strategies,” Middle East Outreach Council’s annual conference in Montreal.

December 2006
“The Baghdad That Was” part of a session organized by Syd Golston on teaching world history with primary source documents. NCSS Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

November 2004
“Incorporating Islam into the Social Studies Curricula.” Part of a pre-conference clinic moderated by the American Forum for Global Education. NCSS Annual Conference, Baltimore.

November, 2003
“Writing to Learn/Learning to Write: 12 Great Secondary Activities” with Syd Golston and Donna Schell.  NCSS Annual Conference, Chicago.

March, 2003
“Islam and World History: Making Connections Through A Simulation of Trade and Travel” with Andy Robinson. Association of Teachers in Independent Schools, NYC.

November, 2002
“The Rights of Women in Islam”  with Karima Alavi.  NCSS Annual Conference, Phoenix.

October, 2002
Chair, “Using Archives as Teaching Tools.” Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference. Poughkeepsie, NY.

Spring  2002
“Religion as a Key to Teaching the Middle Ages: Judaism, Christianity and Islam” with Andy Robinson.  Northeast Regional Conference on the Social Studies, Boston.

“Using  the National Archives Websites to Create Document-Based Lessons.”  Association of Teachers in Independent Schools, NYC.

Fall 1999
“The Irish Famine: A Cross-National Curriculum to Foster Global Responsibility.” NCSS Annual Conference, Orlando Florida.

“Using Teacher Resources at the National Archives Websites.”Long Island Council for the Social Studies.