About Joan

“Teaching is about the students, the world of the imagination, and of ideas. It is putting that together that excites me most. For me, the greatest pleasure comes in the spring when I can observe how far each student has come. The further I take each individual, the more the whole group learns. When a year goes well, the class shares the excitement of being a community of learners and of learning from one another.”


Joan lives in New York City where she is an adjunct instructor at the Bank Street College of Education and serves as Social Studies Consultant to the City and Country School. Joan taught social studies and English at the Village Community School for twenty-five years and served there as Social Studies Coordinator for nine years. She received her B.A. and her M.A.T degrees from New York University.

Joan continues her love of learning in her personal life. During the past ten years she has traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, China, Mongolia, and Tibet to further the curriculum development she does on world cultures.Her areas of specialty include American history, immigration, anthropology, Islam in world history, modern European history,and literature related to those fields. She has been a regular presenter at national conferences for teachers since 1995.

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Joan (far left) led a course for the Bank Street College of Education in Morocco.

Joan (far left) led a course for the Bank Street College of Education in Morocco in 2010.